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How Artificial Intelligence Is Projected To Influence The Automotive Industry Artificial intelligence and data science are two main technologies that forms the processes of the automotive. Since 2017, Udacity selected a group of 18 talented engineers (out of hundreds of applicants) to form the Self-Racing Cars team Udacity offer the first self-driving Nanodegree program. The program was Built in partnership with Uber, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Nvidia. After a huge success, Udacity introduced another Nanodegree program for the beginners. At last, MIT and university introduced their courses in the automotive industry. ...Read More »
5 Strategies for Managing Cloud Sprawl By Larry Long, Director of Engineering Cloud sprawl is uncontrolled growth of computing resources, the foundation of cloud-based IT services, that exceeds the resources required for a definite number of authentic users. Controlled cloud sprawl is a sign of healthy cloud management and can be achieved by using good practices in IT operations. Organizations can use the following as a checklist when developing a detailed strategy to control cloud sprawl. ...Read More »
AI Will Change Business and Productivity Forever By Kevin Gardner The field of Artificial Intelligence was created in 1956, but it took many years before any significant developments were made. It's only in recent years that the technology has started to become a reality and has been implemented in many applications from social media to medicine. Machine learning and AI are commonplace in places like businesses. Some of the applications are fairly simple and most users don't even notice the fact that AI is being used, some of the examples of AI use the most cutting-edge technology to create breathtaking results. With AI becoming more advanced and machines learning faster in more complex ways, implementing the technology is important for businesses looking to stay competitive. ...Read More »
Content Insider #559 - Protection By Miles Weston Consumer Reports just discovered your smart TV is so smart it's watching you and letting those other guys know. Oh yeah and all those free apps on your phone, all of your stuff on the Web, your increasingly smart car, the smart stuff that is making home life so great...all listening in, sharing. About the only thing that isn't sharing is your offline encrypted personal and business storage. Everything else assume your info is out there. Yes you could go off line but that's a little drastic. Better yet spend some time checking all your settings, adjust your mindset, control what you can control and enjoy the benefits of your shared information. ...Read More »
How Will 5G Affect the Cloud? By Nathan Sykes The rollout of 5G wireless technologies will transform the entire enterprise and consumer markets. First, it enables enhanced and reliable mobile broadband connections, with huge stores of bandwidth and low-latency support. For obvious reasons, this opens up many new opportunities regarding how the service can be used. ...Read More »
Five Technology Necessities for the Modern Business One of the most important things in business today is technology. Technology is transforming the business landscape at rate we have never seen before. Just think of how much has changed in the past several years. There are now 10 billion mobile devices in use, and all of them can be used to purchase products and services. If you want to survive in this new digital business world, you're going to need to adapt to the change. This includes integrating technology into your business processes as a strategy to increase efficiency and profit margins. ...Read More »
Navigating Licensing Structures for Database Management Systems By Franco Rizzo Custom applications and products are the key to differentiating an enterprise from its competitors - but this requires investment, and funding core business processes is crippling many companies' innovative potential. While core business processes differ by industry and company function, one common to all modern enterprises is the database - the backbone of a company - as well as the database management systems (DBMS) that support it. Paying for a DBMS is not cheap, however. As private and hybrid cloud infrastructures become more popular, CFOs are paying more attention to the operational costs of the database tier, because licensing and support expense of DBMS can be a substantial line item on many IT budgets ...Read More »
Blockchain Technology and the IT Integration Blockchain, the open digital ledger, holds the promise to upend business operations and enable new ways of working. The Blockchain elements like cryptographic hash, timestamp, and smart contracts are likely to disrupt almost every industry. Industry experts believe that the technology is new and its implementation will require new ways of thinking and strategy. Technology integration will be required to connect Blockchain with other systems, communication protocols, and technologies in real time. ...Read More »
Essential Tech Tools That Every Business Should Have Technology enables a company to have an edge over competitors who offer the same product or service in the market. Computers have changed the way business manage their inventory reducing the amount of time taken to check whether a certain product is still in stock. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have led to the development of smart systems that can solve learn, make decisions, solve problems and perform other cognitive functions the same as human beings depending on the information they have been fed with. In this article, we are going to highlight the technological tools and systems that are essential to the success of any business in the cut-throat capitalist market of the 21st century. ...Read More »
Crowd Source Testing Even bigger companies understand the importance of crowd source testing to facilitate their product in to the market. One such example is of Microsoft Office productivity suite 2010. When they release it in market, about 9 million people has downloaded beta version to test the software and gave their feedback. Only through Crowd sourcing, Microsoft was able to collect about 2 million valuable comments and feedbacks from the testers globally. ...Read More »

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