\ How Cloud Payroll Software can keep Litigations at Bay?
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How Cloud Payroll Software can keep Litigations at Bay?

By Mugdhita Chaphekar

The prime responsibility of a business owner is to limit potential risks ensuring that the business runs smoothly. But how can a businessperson limit the odds of a possible lawsuit or litigation to prevent the brand image of his/her business?  

Not to worry, as there are some simple ways business people can curb the risk of litigations. And technology is one such avenue that can greatly help a business to avoid landing in troubled waters, in this case, a lawsuit or litigation.  

Can a cloud based payroll software help keep litigations at bay for your business?
Cloud payroll software not only improves an organisation's efficiency especially that of its HR department, but it also plays a key role in protecting your organisation from lawsuits in numerous ways.
Companies had to bear heavy penalties due to lawsuits. Most of these companies suffer badly due to lack of documentation. When it comes to employment lawsuits, dispute resolution and litigation, payroll software can be of a great sidekick. Cloud payroll software serves as a unified employee database thus, providing easy and quick access to employee data at any given time. 

Saves your data:
Data corruption is not a new threat to businesses. If your company still uses spreadsheets to compute payroll, your data might be at greater risk of being corrupted. HR and finance departments spend most of their time in calculating payroll, but what if your data is corrupted or goes missing? It can cause great loss to your business with respect to time as well as money. In another scenario, if your accountant's system crashes, you can lose your current as well as all past records. Cloud payroll software spares you from all these risks and allows you to take regular back-ups. It not only secures your data, but also provides 24 x 7 access to the required information.

Protects your company from employment lawsuits:
In the event of employment litigation, lack of documentation may cause you to lose the case. Better documentation puts your business in a stronger position to defend the case. It is an important task to properly identify each employee's hours of work and accordingly clear his or her claims. Failing to pay your employees with wages against their claim hours can lead to possible employment lawsuits. Employee termination can be another major reason of lawsuits. Payroll software can provide the back-up documents based on facts and employee performance that can support company's decision of termination. 

Help with HR compliances
Cloud payroll software can highlight the employees, who are eligible for healthcare facilities. It also enables them to update their own details through employee self service portal so that the HR doesn't have to. Your company needs to ensure that accurate data is being collected and all the systems are in place. Cloud payroll software can help your company comply with regulatory HR compliances and reporting thus, preventing the onset of possible litigations and penalties. 

A robust payroll software can save your time as well as money. Thereby, investing in a cloud based payroll system is worth each penny. It not only helps keep litigations away from your business, but also puts your business in a much stronger position if the matter goes to court. 

Mugdhita Chaphekar is a Web Content Writer with more than 2 years of experience in writing several kinds of content. She is passionate about web and loves offering assistance and inspiration wherever possible. She works for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of cloud based HRMS software to businesses across India. 

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