How Manny Frometa Went From an Immigrant Kid to Owning Multiple Businesses

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2020 / Everyone dreams of making a better life for themselves but often finds themselves limited by various factors, with the most common being financial situations. Often people feel that living in poverty puts them at a great disadvantage to climb the ladder to success, but Manny Frometa proves this should never be the case.

Manny Frometa is a 29-year-old serial entrepreneur who has managed to break through the poverty mindset to create and scale multiple businesses. He found his opportunity to seize a better life when he started his first online business in the jewelry industry. Frometa created Gemstonegods, a company that produces premium quality hip-hop jewelry products. Gemstonegods’ inventory consisted of custom-made items.

His second venture saw him continue in the jewelry industry. This time, Frometa focused on preserving memories with Thememorynecklace. He still retains the customization option, allowing his clients to craft their pendant before having them upload the picture of the memory they want to preserve.

The businesses proved to be successful as Manny Frometa would earn so much more than he previously did working at Autozone, where he lived off a minimum wage. Satisfied that he made a huge revenue, Frometa quickly set his eyes on his next business venture, ecstatic from the success of Gemstonegods. He reflected on a business that not only benefited him but others as well, and he found what he was looking for in marketing.

Manny Frometa created Scale-Up Marketing, which helped other businesses scale and generates more revenue through advertising. Frometa used his background in promoting his first business to develop strategies and consult with clients looking to build a stronger presence online, which also separates him from his competitors. While every scaling business out there has strategies, Manny Frometa’s experience and story serve as his trump card. Other competitors have always seen business from one side of life, whereas Frometa knows what it’s like from both sides of the fence.

He shares how his parents came to the country as Cuban immigrants who struggled as they worked nine-to-five jobs to provide for him. Frometa recalls how he grew up not having enough, and even though he wanted the nice things his friends had, his parents didn’t have enough. He would go on to follow the same cycle of working a nine-to-five job when he realized that life had to be more than just waking up to go to a job that underpaid him. Frometa chose to break away from his family’s poverty mindset and elevated their name to new heights, giving himself the financial freedom he always wanted.

Since his businesses’ success, Manny Frometa has become a household name as an online ecommerce consultant and advertising guru. He has worked with over 300 clients, who gained a larger revenue and has changed lives through the success of his companies and the success of his client’s companies.

Manny Frometa always brings results, and this can be seen in his ownership of multiple successful businesses. He has gone a long way from being a kid who immigrated from Cuba to changing his life and building a legacy.

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