Darnell Fontenot’s Journey from Poverty to Entrepreneurship

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK / ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2020 / Darnell Fontenot is an inspiration who has lived through the rubble of life and the horror that comes with it. He has experienced the rollercoaster of challenges right from his childhood, but his never-give-up attitude kept him going to surmount and emerge victorious despite all. Now, at 25, Darnell Fontenot is on his way to earning success and on his way to the top just like he dreamed.

Darnell is a 25-year old entrepreneur and the founder of an online travel agency called Darnell’s Travel. InteleTravel currently powers Darnell’s Travel, and the website caters to everyone’s travel needs, such as flight booking, hotel, car services, and cruises in several destinations globally. Originally from Oklahoma, Darnel is creating and providing opportunities to many people across the country and globally through his travel website. The website saves people the stress of checking numerous sites and physical locations by availing them of an efficient system capable of addressing their needs in just one click. It is known as the original at-home and from-home travel agency that has, over the years, gained the trust of leading travel providers, users, hotel brands, tour operators worldwide.

Darnell believes his brand is unique not just because it provides travel and tour services to people worldwide, but because they do that so effectively without hassles or customer complaints. He also points out that doing what he does from two different websites that are always in sync differentiates what he and his brand stand for. With the company’s partnership with trusted partner PlanNet Marketing, a company dedicated to providing people with the “flexibility, freedom and opportunity to build their financial independence both now and for the future.” This partnership allows PlanNet Marketing representatives to turn their passion for traveling into a flexible income stream and source.

For someone who has fought and won so many battles, and the determination with which he does it, Darnell believes distinguishes him from his completion. In his words, “I will never give up! No matter what! I will succeed.” He describes his target audience as anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur and anyone worldwide that I can inspire.

On his motivation, Darnell says multi-millionaire Entrepreneur Dan Lok inspires him a great deal because he saw the similarity and semblance in their story. Darnell says getting separated from his biological mother at the tender age of nine and his experience in the Foster care system, moving from one home to another, shaped him in a way. Even though he eventually got adopted by a family who nurtured his faith, he continues to be motivated by his desire to make his adopted mother and father (both of whom passed away two and five years ago, respectively) proud.

In five years, ‘ Darnell sees himself as the CEO of his online travel business. He also hopes to have achieved tremendous success with his company within those five years, with tons of people working for him on his team. Darnell would love to see readers get inspired in their large numbers and have the conviction that they can start their own business and be very successful at it.

Learn more about Darnell Fontenot and his business on his website.

Company: Darnell’s Travel
Email: darnell.fontenot90026@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 4058017623
Website: http://www.plannetmarketing.com/darnellf

SOURCE: Darnell’s Travel

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