Superb Grace Limited Join Hands With Wedoctor to Launch an Online Voluntary Medical Service Platform to Help Fight Against Coronavirus

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2020 / The pneumonia caused by the coronavirus attracted wild attentions in China . The whole nation is united to fight the virus. During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, SuperB Grace Limited quickly cooperates with the technology-enabled healthcare solutions platform WeDoctor, to join its online voluntary medical consultation services to the Chinese public, and helped prevent and control the epidemic.

Since the outbreak, WeDoctor Internet General Hospital, Health Communication Working Committee of China Doctor Association, and China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Healthcare (CPAM) have launched an online voluntary medical consultation service called “Coronavirus real-time consultation platform”. So far, more than 19,000 professional doctors have joined. It provides 24×7 voluntary online medical consultation in China to reduce the pressure of offline medical consultation. As of 10:00 AM on February 7th Beijing time, it has provided voluntary medical consultation services to more than 1.02 million people in China.

SuperB Grace Limited donate online medical volunteers to help them fight against coronavirus

Medical resources in China are in great pressure. Same as the online doctors. They provide 24/7 online voluntary medical consultation to users. Although the operating mode is different, the mission is the same. They are all for the epidemic prevention and control!

In order to provide effective help to medical staff, SuperB Grace Limited donated 100,000 yuan as volunteer allowance to the platform, so these medical doctors can help more people.

This charity donation mainly comes from the RRMINE, an computing power asset management and trading platform, subsidiary of SuperB Grace Limited. To defeat the virus, we need to stand together. RRMINE will make its contribution along with each RRMine user.

Fighting coronavirus, SuperB Grace Limited in action

SuperB Grace Limited and RRMINE deploy and promote a “coronavirus real-time consultation platform” on all channels. In addition, SuperB Grace Limited also conducted a series of protection measures such as staff remote work, online real-time service, and virus prevention education through its own channels to ensure public and customer rights during the epidemic.

SuperB Grace Limited and RRMINE always put the health and safety of customers and employees in the first place. It is believed that with the attention and participation of the whole China, we will certainly win the final victory in this epidemic prevention war.

About SuperB Grace Limited

SuperB Grace Limited (Hong Kong) is the world’s leading operator of computing power trading platform, focusing on blockchain technology and product innovation.

Blockchain technology is an innovative governance mechanism, SuperB Grace Limited committed to building a decentralized global computing power network, to solve security problems in the era of big data and machine intelligence, so everyone can easily and securely have access to own super computing power. SuperB Grace Limited team actively cooperate with charity partners, and we have seen the verification and evolution of anti-fragility from individuals to enterprises and society, which also indicate the positive role of blockchain technology in many fields.

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