Small-Cap Institute, Inc. Partners with ESGAUGE to Analyze Director Compensation in Small-Cap Life Sciences Companies

CARMEL, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2020 / Small-Cap Institute, Inc. (SCI), a first-of-its-kind online education community exclusively for officers and directors of publicly-traded companies, today announced the publication of novel research undertaken with data analytics firm ESGAUGE regarding board member compensation in small-cap life sciences companies.

“Nearly 80 percent of public companies in the United States have market capitalizations below $500 million,” said David Scher, SCI’s founder. “Despite the sheer number of small-cap companies, once you descend below that $500 million market capitalization line, board compensation data is virtually nonexistent for the vast majority of companies. This is especially true for life sciences companies, many of which are pre-revenue. Given the enormous number of these companies, and our mission of providing insightful and unbiased information, we decided to partner with ESGAUGE to deliver this elusive data to SCI members free of charge.”

“There were two goals of the SCI-ESGAUGE research,” commented Paul Hodgson, senior advisor to ESGAUGE. “First, to increase the availability of data on director compensation in a sector of the economy where such data collection is largely overlooked. Second, to test the hypothesis that director pay in small-cap life sciences companies is generally above the median of similarly sized, non-life sciences companies. Regarding the latter, the data show that in some market cap segments, board members of life sciences companies were paid nearly 130 percent more than their non-life sciences peers.”

For maximum utility, board compensation data is set forth in four tranches by market capitalization: (1) below $50 million; (2) between $51-$100 million; (3) between $101-$250 million; and (4) between $251-$500 million.

The complete report is available to Small-Cap Institute, Inc. members on the company’s website. For officers and directors of public companies, you can sign up for a complimentary SCI membership here.

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ESGAUGE is a data analytics and data mining firm providing advanced level information with a high degree of granularity to companies seeking customized data on U.S. public companies. It focuses on disclosures regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, including executive and director compensation, proxy voting analytics, board practices, and sustainability disclosures. Its clients include corporations, compensation consultants, law firms, accounting and audit firms, and investment companies. It also partners on research and analysis projects with think tanks, academic institutions and the media. For more information, visit

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