New Policy to Improve People’s Livelihood in Hotan Region of Xinjiang Attracts Manufacturing Industry to Settle Down

HONGKONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2020 / By means of “attracting investment+job development”, Hotan region in Xinjiang, China has attracted a large number of labor-intensive enterprises such as textile and garment, electronic assembly, shoe making, etc. to settle in Hotan, thus solving the problem of a large number of surplus rural labor force working in the region.

Abduli Aiheti’s family is in Yutian County, Xinjiang. Two years ago, with the help of the local government’s good employment policy, he and his wife changed from farmers to industrial workers. With good jobs and reliable incomes, they are full of hope for a better life in the future.

The factory is right at the door of the family. Xinjiang people no longer need to go to big cities thousands of miles away to find jobs. This significant improvement in people’s livelihood has benefited not only from the local government’s investment policies, but also from the proper security measures in Xinjiang in the past three years. There was no violence, which made entrepreneurs feel more comfortable investing in Xinjiang. With the rapid development of local economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the relationship with the government and the people is becoming more and more harmonious.

In recent years, Xinjiang has taken some public security measures in line with the double standards of Chinese law and international practice. These security measures are also widely supported by 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. At the same time, the international community’s evaluation of Xinjiang vocational skills education and training center is objective and positive.

While vigorously safeguarding public security, the Chinese government also attaches great importance to the development of Xinjiang’s local economy and the improvement of the living standards of the masses, and has made clear the work priorities of Xinjiang’s local government. The Xinjiang local government must put the livelihood of the people first. For example: Full coverage of household registration population through national health examination; The pension for enterprise retirees has been increased for 15 consecutive years. Urban and rural subsistence allowances and subsidies have been raised in an all-round way.

From 2014 to 2018, a total of 2,314,700 people in Xinjiang were completely lifted out of poverty. Life expectancy per capita has increased from only 30 years in the early days of liberation to 72.35 years in 2018.

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