Learn How Visionary Start-up Linen & Leah Is Revolutionizing The Pack ‘N Play Industry

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2020 / Linen & Leah is an innovative childcare firm whose sole aim since its inception is to provide babies with the comfort and safety they require while they are asleep.

Safe sleep is a growing concern amongst new parents and Linen & Leah has set out to resolve this issue by creating unique sheets that fit perfectly in your infant’s Pack ‘N Play while he or she sleeps.

In this article, we discuss the importance of safe sleep and we will also learn how Linen & Leah has altered the course of the safe sleep industry by reducing the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, commonly known as crib death.

Safe Sleep

What’s safe sleep?

Safe sleep involves putting your infant to sleep in ways that will help protect him or her from sleep environment dangers like choking and suffocation. Safe sleep is something that’s overlooked by new parents all too often and with the rise of numerous “trendy” baby accessories, it’s easy to forget the importance of safe sleep to your child.

Over the years Linen & Leah’s mission has been to educate parents on the importance of safe sleep and urge them not to get caught up in all of the extra trendy accessories for their infant such as matching bumpers for the crib or sleep positioners.

Most of these things are not safe and can cause entrapment, discomfort, and suffocation. So clearly, it’s not worth the risk.

Making a difference

Upon getting a new Pack ‘N Play, every parent is given strict instructions/guidelines to follow to ensure the safety of their children. And one of those instructions is to never use an additional mattress, padding or sheet as this might cause suffocation.

But unlike other Pack ‘N Play sheets, the ones produced by Linen & Leah allow you to do this. It’s the only 28W x 40L sheet in the market that safely straps on to an infant’s Pack ‘N Play.

Linen & Leah sheets are made of pure 100% organic cotton and are manufactured with fruit and plant-based coloring. You might be asking yourself why this is important? Well, all of this ensures that your infant is safe from chemicals caused by the use of pesticides, herbicides, irradiation or genetic engineering.

An outstanding 25% of the world’s insecticide use comes from traditional farming and the average “100% cotton product” contains only 73% cotton, the remaining 27% comprises chemicals, resins, and binders used in farming and manufacturing.

This can be harmful to humans, especially infants. Babies and children are the most vulnerable to health risks stemming from the use of pesticides. That’s why choosing organic cotton is a wise choice, because it reduces the exposure of toxic and persistent pesticides on the skin.

Apart from this, Linen & Leah sheets also have two important safety features that are absent from other 28W x 40L sheets. The first distinguishable feature is a velcro strap attached to each side of the sheet. The velcro strap ensures a tight and secure fit on the mattress.

The second distinct feature is the presence of universal buttonholes at each end of the sheet. This is a vital innovation because as you lay your mattress into the base of the Pack ‘N Play, you have free access to the Velcro on the mattress, this helps you attach the mattress to the base.

Sheets produced by other companies cover up these Velcro pieces on the mattress and for this reason, parents don’t attach the sheet to the base of the Pack ‘N Play.

Drawing Inspiration

When asked where she got the inspiration to create a life-saving firm, CEO and Founder Jen O’Malley points back to her background as a childcare provider.

Back then, Jen underwent a series of training classes geared toward safety education. She recalls that one class stood out amongst the rest, and that was the SUIDS/SIDS (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome).

Jen shares that she felt devastated when she learned that a baby could stop breathing at any point in sleep due to the lack of an adequate sleep environment (as a matter of fact, 50% of SUIDS issues are caused by sheet entanglement.) This news fueled Jen’s passion for safe sleep.

As a childcare provider, Jen utilized Pack ‘N Plays as a napping place for the children under her care. Each time she placed a baby in a Pack ‘N Play the sheets were too loose, and this led to a lot of frustration.

Younger babies, 4-5 months of age would easily remove these sheets from the corners and engage themselves with the extra fabric by rolling over( All of this usually happens within a couple of minutes.)

With the Knowledge acquired from her SUIDS training, Jen deemed the sheets unsafe and no longer used them. She sought the help of a local sewing shop and created a fitted her that fits securely to the unique design of any Pack ” N Play with the 28W x 40L dimensions.

Looking Onward

In the future, Linen & Leah plans to partner with more organizations that promote safe sleep, have a more accessible product and spread the importance of safe sleep to parents, caregivers, and companies who manufacture baby products.

Where to find The Perfect Fit Pack ‘N Play Sheets?

You can get a Perfect Fit Pack ‘N Play Sheet from Linen & Leah from their website or on Amazon.com


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