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SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2020 / Active Trading has since long become a popular strategy for people who try and beat the market average. For a layman, the market average is the sum of the current value of the stock in a particular group divided by the total number of shares in that group. Thus, a market average can be defined as a measure of the overall price level of that given market.

What is Active Trading?

The act of selling and buying securities that are based on short-term market movements is known as Active Trading. The purpose of Active Trading is to make profits from actions of the stock price that take place on a short stock chart. It is crucial that this is done in a calculated manner and after understanding and implementing a profitable trading strategy.

While the intent of Active Trading and Buy-and-Hold strategy is the same, the mentality linked with Active Trading differs from the latter. The buy-and-hold approach is mainly found amongst indexed or passive investors. Active Traders believe that capturing the trend of ongoing market and short-term movements are where profits can be made.

It is of utmost importance that one knows a profitable trading strategy, which can be the key to consistent and steady long-term profitability. Active Trading itself is a strategy that implicates ‘beating the market’ via identifying profitable trades and their timing. A few various methods can be used to achieve an active and productive trading strategy. However, it is advisable to consider the risks and costs associated with each of these strategies. This is why it is suggested that Personal Coach in Wealth and Trading such as financial, educational company LCMS Traders are employed, which would help you learn more about profitable trading strategies.

LCMS Traders: A Financial Education Company

LCMS Traders is one of its kind Financial Education company which is based in Singapore. LCMS Traders is founded by Jin, who has completed his Masters of Finance from Australia. Jin’s aim of establishing LCMS Company was to influence and emphasize on the importance of knowing a profitable trading strategy to build wealth and accumulate it via Trading.

About Jin

Post completion of his Masters, Jin developed his profitable currency trading methodology, and he started teaching this strategy to masses in 2010. He has successfully made his name as a coach and speaker in the areas of wealth management, growth, and wealth creation. He has had graduates from countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Greater China, and Singapore. Jin is regularly invited to speak and motivate at events that are hosted at banks, schools, and brokerages and such. He has to date shared his experiences and educated thousands of individuals on that very profitable trading strategy that he uses and has proved to be successful for him. He is known to be smart and a brilliant thinker.

About Forex Kickstarter

Forex Kickstarter is LCMS Trader’s 2-Day revolutionary program from which the enrolling students would receive a complete trading education regarding:

  • Developing of Forex trading skills to convert it into a high income generating skill
  • Taking advantage of whatever market conditions are prevalent
  • Identifying profitable opportunities with no fuss
  • Developing customized trading strategies and applying them
  • The transition of earning part-time income into a full-time income

It doesn’t matter whether the student is a first-timer or is at an Intermediate level of trading; Jin strongly believes that there is always something new to learn when it comes to profitable trading strategies. He has come a long way from coaching first-timers achieve regular and daily profits to guiding discourage individuals get back into trading confidently and successfully.


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