Kia Michel, MD, a Noted HIFU Urologist and HIFU Prostate Services Partner Presents Breakthrough Focal HIFU Data at the 12th International Symposium on Focal Therapy and Imaging in Prostate and Kidney Cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2020 / HIFU Prostate Services, LLC (HPS), the leading provider of HIFU technology in the United States is attending the 12th International Symposium on Focal Therapy and Imaging in Prostate and Kidney Cancer in Washington, D.C. where Dr. Kia Michel, of Beverly Hills, Calif., presented outstanding data on focal HIFU outcomes for localized prostate cancer.

Dr. Michel presented a poster on near-term HIFU outcomes based on his experience treating men with localized prostate cancer with the Sonablate. He presented that 78 men with prostate cancer underwent HIFU and were tracked post-treatment and re-biopsied at 12 months. He concluded that there was excellent disease control after HIFU ablation and most men were able to retain full urinary continence and erectile function levels equal to those pre-HIFU treatment.

“I feel like it is important to report on the near-term results that our center has had regarding focal HIFU treatment for prostate cancer. Further collection and evaluation of data will be required to confirm that short-term disease control is maintained over time, but our findings were that there was overall excellent disease control with little incidence of common side effects such as impotence and incontinence,” said Dr. Michel.

“This important study by Dr. Michel corroborates what we have seen for many years. HIFU is a legitimate and desirable focal treatment option for men with appropriate prostate tumors who wish to maintain urinary and erectile functions, and to have minimum recovery time,” said Dr. Michael Lazar, Medical Director of HIFU Prostate Services.

The Symposium is being held February 9th to the 11th in Washington, D.C. and is typically attended by internationalthought leaders and pioneers in minimally invasive therapy. HIFU for prostate cancer has been featured at the symposium for many years and the program this year includes several presentations and discussions on focal HIFU therapy.

HIFU, which stands for high intensity focused ultrasound, is a non-surgical, radiation-free, outpatient procedure for prostate cancer that uses focused sound waves to heat and destroy diseased tissue in the prostate gland. HIFU precisely focuses ultrasound energy to rapidly heat and destroy tissue in the prostate. Due to its accuracy and precision, areas around the prostate are undamaged which greatly reduces the risk of side effects such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

In October 2015, the FDA cleared the Sonablate technology for the ablation of prostatic tissue. Sonablate HIFU leads the industry in prostate tissue ablation with features that monitor real-time changes in prostatic tissue during HIFU, detect the location of nerves responsible for preserving potency and keep the rectal wall from being damaged.

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