Dynatrace Adds Business KPI Anomaly Detection and Analysis to Drive Better User Experiences and Business Outcomes

Automatic detection of business anomalies with real-time analysis and measurement of application performance and user experience issues deliver improved business results

WALTHAM, Mass. & LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Software intelligence company, Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), today announced new enhancements to its Digital Business Analytics module at the Perform 2020 conference. The Dynatrace® explainable AI engine, Davis™, has been expanded to process business KPIs, such as revenue trends, customer conversions and churn. In addition, Dynatrace now enables one-click integration with the most popular web analytics solutions including Adobe Analytics. These enhancements facilitate automatic detection of the root cause of business-impacting anomalies and provide organizations with precise answers and insights so they can deliver outstanding digital experiences and better business outcomes.

“Observability data contains a goldmine of insights about business issues that, until the release of our Digital Business Analytics module last October, remained locked inside of IT systems,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “Today, the digital business analytics module gets even better. The addition of business KPIs to our AI engine, Davis, not only unlocks critical data, it also provides organizations with the precise insights and answers required to take action before the business is negatively impacted.”

“Dynatrace Digital Business Analytics gives us additional visibility into user behavior so we can address problems before they impact customer experience,” said Jim Hinze, Director of Software Engineering at Exeter Finance. “From the very first day of use, we were able to determine that the precise root cause of a recent drop in scheduled payments was due to a website performance error. Immediate business results like this get folks really excited about what we’re doing and improve the way our business and IT teams collaborate.”

New enhancements to the Dynatrace® Digital Business Analytics module include:

  • Enhanced AI with business KPIs – The Dynatrace® explainable AI engine, Davis™, now processes business data, such as revenue trends, customer conversions and churn, from an expanded set of data sources including logs, services and custom metrics. This delivers even more precise, AI-powered answers, allowing teams to go beyond simply what is happening to understand precisely why it’s happening.
  • Real-time business anomaly detection – Dynatrace delivers automatic, real-time alerts on business-impacting anomalies using critical business metrics, including revenue, feature adoption, conversion steps and segmentation characteristics such as customer loyalty status, geolocation and user satisfaction data. As a result, teams can proactively identify and resolve problems before customers are impacted.
  • Automatic web analytics integrations – Dynatrace now enables one-click integration with the most popular web analytics tools, including Adobe Analytics and other services. This enables organizations to use segmentation criteria from these web analytics tools to create similar views in Dynatrace. This shared business context makes it easier for teams to optimize customer experience as well as application functionality, helping to ensure proactive problem resolution and better business outcomes.

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