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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2019 / For many people who want to start their own business, the idea comes first, and then the company is built around it. However, sometimes the company starts with a mindset, and then the direction of the business changes. This was the case for John Danes and 99MEDIA.

Danes started 99MEDIA as a senior in high school with the sole purpose of providing businesses and individuals with social media management. But during the next six months, Danes realized that this was actually not the best way to make money for his clients.

This is when he entered a partnership with Adam Artemis. Artemis is an expert in paid traffic and funnels. Danes believed that the two made a perfect pair and refocused 99MEDIA on digital marketing. The Nashville based company is now offering marketing help in the form of paid traffic, sales funnels, and consulting.

99MEDIA prides itself on being a results-driven agency. The company and its founders are still young but have already expanded internationally and are looking to take on bigger clients.

Adam and John have built 99MEDIA around four core values – speed, creativity, fearlessness, and fun. They believe these values are what enable them to be productive for their clients.

99MEDIA promises to produce great content and have it in the marketplace quicker than any other agency. They believe that providing quick, quality marketing is one of the keys to building a successful platform.

The company also believes that its creativity sets them apart. Every marketing company will champion their creativity, but 99MEDIA’s focus on psychological marketing strategies has them ahead of the game.

The one trait that truly stands out about Danes and Artemis is their fearlessness. They’ve worked seven days a week since the inception of 99MEDIA to build it into a profitable business. They are constantly approaching new clients and trying new strategies. Danes believes that fearlessness is one the most important traits for any business to have and thinks that 99MEDIA’s origin story is about all you need to know to understand why it’s one of the company’s core values.

99MEDIA is different from a lot of companies because all six employees love what they do. Their mission isn’t just to make money; they also want to help people.

“We are truly results-driven. If our clients don’t win, we don’t win. We believe strongly in Jay Abraham’s methodology of preeminence. We believe in putting the needs of our clients before our own, and not taking on a client without full conviction that we can help them,” said Danes.

John, Adam, and the rest of the 99MEDIA team are currently focused on expanding their business even further and are always looking for bigger clients. They have made it a mission to make 99MEDIA the new standard for digital marketing.

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