Crypto Briefing Unveils SIMETRI Research and Analysis, Complementing CoinMarketCap’s DATA Transparency Initiative

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2019 / Crypto Briefing, the only independent cryptocurrency review and news platform to have refused all advertising revenue since its inception, announces the rollout of its new crypto research and analysis product, SIMETRI.

SIMETRI is released in conjunction with CoinMarketCap’s recent Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA) initiative. DATA is CoinMarketCap’s ongoing bid to provide complete transparency and verifiable order book data from exchanges, which will also incorporate stricter disclosure rules and unbiased information on cryptocurrency projects.

SIMETRI is an institutional-grade research product that is positioned and priced for the retail investor. It provides in-depth fundamental analysis and unbiased, detailed insights into cryptocurrency projects, and provides subscribers with an investment grade at the end of its analysis.

SIMETRI research will be embedded in coin profiles on CoinMarketCap’s aggregation and rankings site. “The combination of SIMETRI and CoinMarketCap’s DATA initiative represents a positive trajectory for the standardization of crypto data”, explained Carylyne Chan, Chief Strategy Officer at CoinMarketCap. “Data standardization is a key factor in ensuring we can have greater visibility into data on an ongoing basis. Trusted data sources are a cornerstone of traditional financial markets – and as cryptocurrency matures, it needs and deserves these sources.”

Crypto Briefing has produced over two dozen comprehensive analytics reports on cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem, and is currently the only media firm involved in CoinMarketCap’s recently launched DATA initiative.

For the last two years, Crypto Briefing has published independent news and analysis – but has never accepted paid stories or advertising from any cryptocurrency business.

“From day one, we were committed to providing our readers with news and research they could trust,” explained Han Kao, Founder and CEO of Crypto Briefing. “Trust is not given; it is earned. Our goal has been to offer cryptocurrency investors and stakeholders a place to turn when they need to know that the source is not being paid by an advertiser.”

“SIMETRI provides fundamental analysis and unbiased, detailed insights into the cryptocurrency projects themselves, bolstering transparency and accountability in the blockchain space,” continued Kao. “CoinMarketCap’s recent rollout of its updated methodology for stricter exchange reporting rules is a major step forward on the exchange side, and SIMETRI will complement the endeavor on the project side.”

CoinMarketCap recently confirmed that more than 70 percent of exchanges have met the reporting requirements for the DATA initiative so far. The website receives more than 79 million views per month, making it the world’s go-to source for data on exchanges and crypto projects – as well as one of the most influential companies in the sector for exchanges and projects looking to garner support and adoption.

CoinMarketCap tapped Crypto Briefing’s SIMETRI for improved project transparency – akin to sell-side analysis reports from investment banks in the legacy financial system.

“We’re really excited to incorporate SIMETRI into our service,” says Carylyne Chan. “Crypto Briefing has built its reputation for independence, and their input will be invaluable for the topics we are tackling with the DATA Alliance. We look forward to how the SIMETRI team will provide recommendations regarding data standardization, which will in turn offer project teams guidance for reporting.”

In addition to fundamental analysis, SIMETRI researchers look at the codebase for open-source projects, as well as for many private repositories, says Kao.

“One of our core values has always been to make sense of the complicated technology behind blockchain projects for our readers, which is why we are the only crypto-focused media company that publishes professional code reviews of GitHub repositories,” he added.

SIMETRI assesses all the fundamental elements of a project including its technology ecosystem, utility, development, support, and various other factors that contribute to a healthy and sustainable project. Crypto Briefing’s reports have already helped the independent ratings platform bring in more than 500k monthly visitors.

SIMETRI’s internal track record is impressive too, offering encouraging signs for its potential to better inform investors in cryptocurrency markets.

“As of May 31, 2019, a portfolio using the data behind SIMETRI earned a net ROI of 50 percent­, outperforming Bitcoin by 21 percent and the overall market by 35 percent,” says Kao.

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