Folloze Launches Data and AI Powered Personalization Engine, Turning Insights into Action

New partnership with Demandbase delivers hyper-personalized,
multi-channel ABM programs execution

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Folloze, the leading B2B Customer Engagement Platform, is unveiling the
Personalization Engine – its newest offering designed to leverage robust
data and artificial intelligence (AI) to customize content-based
experiences throughout the customer journey. This new Engine enables B2B
enterprises to engage both current and prospective customers in much
deeper and more meaningful ways. Personalization is a key factor in
customer engagement — based on a recent
research by the Epsilon Group
, 80 percent of consumers are more
likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences.
The company is also announcing its integration with the Demandbase
Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Platform to fuel AI-powered intent and
account-rich data into the Personalization Engine. Folloze customers
will now have access to the most advanced customer engagement platform
on the market.

“B2B companies are following the steps of B2C companies that have
implemented AI-powered personalization strategies to create value-driven
experiences for their customers,” “says David Brutman, Co-Founder and
Chief Product Officer at Folloze. “With the growing amount of data that
companies have about their prospects, there is a tremendous opportunity
to put information into action and design experiences that are based on
rich firmographic, behavioral and intent data. We have taken the
challenge to not only allow our customers to create a deep, personalized
experience, but also enable any marketer in the company to activate it
and bring the personalization to any customer touch point, from
awareness to demand generation and sales engagement.”

The Folloze Customer Engagement Platform is powered by the Experience,
Personalization and Orchestration Engines. The Personalization Engine
includes the following capabilities:

  • Real time hyper-personalization of customer experiences
    including messaging, content, creative elements, and engagement actions
  • Personalization rules tool that allows the mapping of
    experience elements to any account or contact attribute
  • Dynamic seller mapping that assign account managers and account
    owners to their account’s campaign, as well as deliver their account
    engagement analytics
  • Field campaigns hyper personalization that applies
    personalization capabilities to any field driven campaigns, initiated
    by either marketing or sales
  • AI and data aggregation from a variety of platforms to build
    and act upon the richest and most up-to-date account and contact data
    and insights

These new capabilities allow the ability to deliver hyper-personalized
experiences designed by any marketer in the company and across all
customer touch points, both for inbound and outbound strategies.

“As a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software,
engaging with our customers on a highly relevant and personalized basis
is essential to our go-to-market strategy. The biggest challenge is how
to execute a personalization strategy that spans across marketing and
sales and can scale to thousands of accounts,” said Shellie Smith,
Account-Based Marketing Lead for the Americas at Autodesk. “Folloze is
uniquely addressing these challenges by delivering a simple to use,
scalable personalization platform that allows marketing to equip sales
with account-specific content for their customer communication,
personalized by seller, industry, regions and customer role. It allows
us to run a true marketing-powered sales motion.”

As part of the launch, Folloze is also integrating with Demandbase to
allow B2B companies to power Folloze’s personalization and orchestration
capabilities with Demandbase’s robust ABM Platform and Targeting
solutions. The end result is AI-powered, hyper-personalized, multi
channel ABM programs, at scale.

“This partnership with Folloze offers a combination of two very
complementary worlds and is truly unique to all our customers,” said
Jeff Freeman, VP of Product Management at Demandbase. “The turnkey
integration gives our mutual customers the ability to leverage
Demandbase’s audience and insights directly in the Folloze Platform to
deliver personalization at scale. It aligns with our vision at
Demandbase of turning our audiences and AI into positive business
outcomes across the marketing ecosystem.”

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About Folloze:

Folloze is a Customer Engagement Platform designed for B2B enterprises
to engage, develop and win their target accounts by creating highly
engaging and data powered personalized experiences across every customer
touchpoint. Built for scale and powered by its Experience,
Personalization and Orchestration Engines, Folloze’s integrated platform
empowers Marketing and Sales teams to deliver targeted and automated
go-to-market programs to increase pipeline, close deals and expand
revenue with existing customers. Founded in 2013 by marketing and
technology veterans and backed by world-class investors, Folloze is
proudly serving some of the largest and most sophisticated enterprises
with global deployments.

Folloze is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with a development center in
Tel Aviv, Israel. To learn more, visit


Leroy Velasquez

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