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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2019 / Photo booths are by no means a new concept, but today’s versions are seemingly unrecognizable from their early predecessors – and more change is likely on the way in the future. The photo booth rental industry continues to expand and evolve at a rapid pace, with its rise in popularity largely owed to innovation and technological developments to the booths themselves. Kazzam.com, a leading party and event planning service, discusses the most notable improvements to photo booths in recent years, which has resulted in them now being considered an essential inclusion for most special events, parties, and weddings.

Just over a decade ago, most photo booths were only capable of creating the familiar montage of pictures printed on a physical copy to take home, but much has changed since then. ”Photo booths aren’t new,” writes The Ringer’s Molly McHugh, ”but in recent years, entrepreneurs have dusted off the fun, magical-feeling memorabilia machines and transformed them into a key part of the event scene.” The advent of social media over the last decade has directly impacted photo booth industry devices and software, as more owners and developers seek to create products that are more appealing for sharing on any number of platforms, both in terms of convenience, and the content of the photos themselves. In many ways, modern photo booths have become an extension of the smartphone, with most devices letting the user control the entire process in a similar manner, such as the ability to preview photos before saving, see themselves in real time on a monitor, and select various features and options to tweak the photo before and after it’s taken.

One particular feature where social media influence is most apparent is the various types of photo filters now available, most of which are very similar to what’s found on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Users can take a photo of themselves or a group, and then use a touchscreen to cycle through various filters that can do everything from smoothing wrinkles and evening out skin tones, to adding text and cartoon-like facial features for a more lighthearted photo. The same is true with backgrounds – many booths will let users choose from a number of themed backgrounds to mix things up even further.

Perhaps the most important photo
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tech advancement is the ability to send and share the photos immediately after taking them. In the past, users often had to wait until the next day in order to find their photos online, but today’s photo booths can now send the files directly to a smartphone or email inbox in a matter of seconds, enabling users to either post them immediately to social media platforms, or send to their family and friends. The file formats themselves have evolved as well, with many booths now offering GIF and short video versions alongside traditional photos. However, while digital formats are now the norm, that doesn’t mean innovation for physical photo
booth rental
products has completely ceased. Companies are now more creative than ever, with some offering items like flip books printed on-site as a keepsake, and even the ability to laser print a photo booth image onto
a cookie or macaroon

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