HYPE ON HYPE Announces the Launch of their ‘Apostrophe Comma Gundown Shoes

The Gundown Sneakers, Which Were Created by Timothy Randy from Indonesia, are Inspired by the Gundam Robot

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2019 / Timothy Randy, a sneaker designer from Indonesia, is pleased to announce that his high quality and eye-catching Gundown shoes are now available on the HYPE ON HYPE website.

To check out HYPE ON HYPE’s full collection including stylish street clothing, accessories, footwear Gundown selection and more, please visit https://hypeonhype.com/collections/.

As a company spokesperson noted, HYPE ON HYPE will directly sell the new Gundown sneakers at the affordable prices of $69.99 – this includes free shipping. To check out the full range of Gundown shoes, follow @hypeonhype on Instagram.

When he was growing up, Randy was heavily influenced by Gundam anime, including the Gundam Robot. As a sneaker designer, Randy finds a great deal of artistic inspiration from his childhood experiences, including his love of Gundam. To learn more about Randy, please follow @timothyrandy on Instagram.

The new Gundown sneakers are not only a play on words on the term “Gundam,” Randy noted, they also are a commentary on issues that happen within countries today.

“Calling the sneakers ‘Gundown’ is also to help bring awareness to people by word of mouth – like when one asks ‘what’s that pair’ the other can say ‘its GUN-DOWN'”, he said.

“I really hope by people saying ‘GUN-DOWN,’ it sort of sends a message verbally to not involve guns in their lives.”

The Gundown sneakers all feature breathable airflow that makes them ideal for playing sports as well as perfect stitching. Each specific style comes in a variety of colors; for example, the Gundown “Gemstone” shoe offers a multi-colored Gemstone style, Black Stripes or White Stripes.

To learn more about HYPE ON HYPE and how they eliminate distributor price mark-ups, thus saving their valued customers money, check out this YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqHfxQYfajI/.


At HYPE on HYPE, they eliminate distributors’ price mark-ups and provide customers with a variety of fashion apparel straight from the factories all over the world with an affordable price range of $ to $$. Founded in October 2018, HYPE ON HYPE first collaborated with sneaker designer Timothy Randy, launching a variety of HYPE shoes and apparel. Their signature collaboration ‘Apostrophe Comma(TM) attracts major brands to follow along. Since then, HYPE ON HYPE became one of the top destinations for HYPEBEAST enthusiasm. For more information, please visit https://hypeonhype.com/.


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