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Business Issues: Content Insider #389 - Weird Stuff

Content Insider #389 - Weird Stuff

The Fantasy World of the Billion Dollar Club

Miles Weston

When our daughter was little she believed in the Easter Bunny and had pixies, fairies and unicorn decorations. The Easter Bunny went first. Then as she grew up the other fictional items also disappeared. But they're very much alive in Silicon Valley. People brag about the unicorns - start-ups that are instantly worth $1B plus because their neat ideas and they have to be good because VCs (venture capitalists) dumped 10s of millions into them. It doesn't matter if they have no paying customers, sales or profit. They must be valuable because the other guy gave them a truckload of money. Of course the bubble could never happen again and we couldn't experience another boom/bust cycle because these things just don't happen to cute unicorns. Or maybe t Read More >>

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